Photo of wreck Fortunal near the Croatian island Vis

The wreck Fortunal lies about 4.5 nm away from the harbor of city Vis, northwest of the croatian island Vis. On April 10, 1997, Fortunal was coming back from fishing to the port of Vis. The story says the crew fell asleep and the ship running by autopilot unexpectedly hit island Vis and sank immediately.
The wreck lies on a sandy bottom and is slightly skewed to the left side. The highest point is at the depth of 37 m. Due to the relatively young age of the wreck, the wooden structure has not yet been severely damaged. The length of the boat is less than 20 m.

Usually diving conditions are good with no strong current. Due to the depth diving conditions are medium and depth experience is necessary. The dive can be comfortabely finished in shallow water. At the depth of about 6m there is a nice cave with a narrow entrance.

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