Scubadiving and underwaterphotography: summer impressions 2023

This year we also have been scubadiving and taking photographs around the Croatian island Vis. There are several beautiful divespots with a huge amount of marinelife. As usual we were diving with our favorite AnMa diving centar. This year in the firts 3 weeks of August we had really good scubadiving conditions and usually goodContinue reading “Scubadiving and underwaterphotography: summer impressions 2023”

Scubadiving: Wreck Teti and scorpionfish

The wreck Teti lies northwest of the Croatian island Vis. The italian freighter did start from the harbour of Komiza on the island Vis and smashed into the cliffs of the rocky island Mali Barjak on 23. May 1930. The wreck lies at a depth about 8 to 34m. Sometimes there may be some current,Continue reading “Scubadiving: Wreck Teti and scorpionfish”

Scorpionfish / Underwaterfotography / Scubadiving

Near the Croatian island Vis there is a huge amount of marinelife like this scorpionfish. Today we have been at the divespot Volici northwest of city Vis. We usually do some underwaterphotography and have been lucky today.

Marinelife and Underwaterphotography: Giant triton snail

During scubadiving near the Croatian island Vis one can see a huge amount of marinelife. We were very luck to see this rare giant triton snail.

Diving around Croatian island Vis

First week of August we had again a great week with fantastic diving experiences around the Croatian island Vis. We saw a huge amount of sealife including a giant triton snail. We still have one week left and hope for more…thanks to An-Ma Diving Centar!

School of mobularays during scubadiving in Sea of Cortez, end of June 2022

Four weeks ago we had to leave Socorro with our liveaboard due to a hurricane. However, we had great dives in the Sea of Cortez, including such school of mobularays. Enjoy!

Mantaray during scubadiving near Socorro, in June 2022

Two weeks ago, around 21st of June 2022, we were only able to stay in the area of Socorro for 2 days due to a Huriicane. However, we had some great dives with several different sharks and the wonderful giant manta rays…Enjoy the picture! More underwatervideos and pictures are¬†here

Swarm of mobulas in the Sea of Cortez, Gulf of California, during a scubadiving expedition

From 21th to 29th of June 2022 we were on a liveaboard scubadiving expedition. The expedition was planned to the island Socorro in the Pacific Ocean, Archipiélago de Revillagigedo as a UNESCO World Heritage Convention. Due to a Hurricane we had to leave the Archipel after two days and sailed to the Sea of Cortez, also known as Gulf of California . On the alternative route we enjoyed diving e.g. with sealions and swarms of Mobulas. Enjoy the video!

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