Underwaterphoto of the day – Mobula “flying” through the Atlantic Ocean

It´s really amazing to dive with some of these mobula rays and watch them “fly” through the ocean. A photo can give a partial impression…and we may be able to remember to protect the ocean and the planet…Enjoy the photo!

Scubadiving – Wreck Fortunal northwest of croatian island Vis

The wreck Fortunal lies about 4.5 nm away from the harbor of city Vis, northwest of the croatian island Vis. On April 10, 1997, Fortunal was coming back from fishing to the port of Vis. The story says the crew fell asleep and the ship running by autopilot unexpectedly hit island Vis and sank immediately.Continue reading “Scubadiving – Wreck Fortunal northwest of croatian island Vis”

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