Scubadiving – Wreck Fortunal northwest of croatian island Vis

The wreck Fortunal lies about 4.5 nm away from the harbor of city Vis, northwest of the croatian island Vis. On April 10, 1997, Fortunal was coming back from fishing to the port of Vis. The story says the crew fell asleep and the ship running by autopilot unexpectedly hit island Vis and sank immediately.„Scubadiving – Wreck Fortunal northwest of croatian island Vis“ weiterlesen

In 2050 more plastic than fish will be in the ocean – new hand signal for divers to show and collect plastic, only leave bubbles!

Via the link below you find more informations of the PADI Torchbearers movement for environmental protection. If nothing changes, in 2050 there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. So there is a new hand signal, showing a P for plastic. It means collect plastic, only leave bubbles! We wish you success! All„In 2050 more plastic than fish will be in the ocean – new hand signal for divers to show and collect plastic, only leave bubbles!“ weiterlesen

Tweet von Project AWARE – a project for environmental protection

Project AWARE (@projectaware) hat getwittert: Stunning entry to our #Ocean #Biodiversity celebrations ahead fo the #BiodiversitySummit! #UNGA #BlueNature #ForNature #SDG14 #Biodiversity2020 – Please keep sharing your underwater photos! Project AWARE is a movement for #environmental protection #biodiversity #marinelife #protecttheocean #oneoceanoneplanet #oceanminded I add a photo – enjoy

Informations about Oyster in North Sea for environmental protection

Austern werden in der Nordsee zur Stärkung des #Ökosystems angesiedelt… Oyster in North Sea for #environmental #protection #lovesea #protecttheocean #oceanminded #ProtectthePlanet — Stephan Ludwig (@stludwig72) September 27, 2020

Croatian island Vis – divespot Nova Pošta

The divespot Nova Pošta is located about 10 min with boat, northwest of the city Vis. From the little bay you can dive northeast around the rock needle or go directly east through a little tunnel near the surface down to about 5m. Through a kind of archway you come to the wall. At the„Croatian island Vis – divespot Nova Pošta“ weiterlesen

Scubadiving and photographing around UNESCO Geopark Vis

August 30st, 2020 it was windy with yugo. But we had pretty good visibility in northern part of the dive spots of Vis. So we could photograph some nice sponges and lobsters. 

Scubadiving and marine life around the croatian island and UNESCO Geopark Vis

Since April 2019 the archipelago of the croatian island Vis is part of the UNESCO Global Geoparks. I´m scubadiving regularly in this area, also during summer 2020. The marine life there is amazing. And and the area is also a paradise for underwater photographer. Maybe you also enjoy the photograph of this scorpionfish.

About Me

Hi there. I´m Stephan Ludwig, a scuba diving instructor, hobby photographer and running coach. In „real life“ I´m working in the field of food safety and veterinary affairs as a team manager, training coordinator and lecturer, author and auditor.On this website and blog you´ll find some of my underwater photographs, especially from my favorite place„About Me“ weiterlesen

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