Scorpionfish / Underwaterfotography / Scubadiving

Near the Croatian island Vis there is a huge amount of marinelife like this scorpionfish. Today we have been at the divespot Volici northwest of city Vis. We usually do some underwaterphotography and have been lucky today.

School of mobularays during scubadiving in Sea of Cortez, end of June 2022

Four weeks ago we had to leave Socorro with our liveaboard due to a hurricane. However, we had great dives in the Sea of Cortez, including such school of mobularays. Enjoy!

Lobster – Palinuridae at divespot at Croatian island Vis

Muraena helena at divespot northwest of Croatian island Vis – enjoy the UWpic!

Underwater picture of a Muraena helena northwest of Criatian island Vis

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