Photo and informations about divespot -Wreck Vassilios- near Croatian island Vis

The Vassilios wreck lies southwest of the Croatian island of Vis in the southern part of the Komiža Bay and at a depth of 22-55 m. On 19 March 1939 the ship’s rudder malfunctioned and the Vassilios foundered and subsequently sank. Some storys tell that the sailors sank her, so the ship’s owner could file for insurance money. This was common practice in those times. The ship was loaded with coal and on the way for Venice. With the length of 105 m the giant now rests on the sandy seabed on her port side. The best spot to anchor is by the lighthouse at Pt. Stupišće, followed by a descent to the wreck at 20. There are many sponges and diverse marine life at the wreck. The dive can be easily finished at the shallow regions near the shore.

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