To Fly Free One Must Let Go…. Impressing post of Thoughtsnliveblog about trusting the flow.

The link leads to an impressive post of Thouthtsnliveblog about trusting the flow. Our thoughts impact our life and maybe everything and sometimes it´s just ok to trust in the flow…Sharing this opinion I add a photo about a view to stay in the flow…

Amazing post by Saania2806 about caring what other people think

Especially the quote from Lao Tzu is great: „Care about what other people think and you’ll always be their prisoner.“ More of the post of Saania2806 you find about the link:

Great post from helenps about Awareness

When I read some books about meditation or mindfulness earlier. I often come across a key word – awareness. I’m curious to know what exactly awareness is. Does awareness mean knowing what I’m doing or how I feel at the moment? Is awareness a state that only guru like Yoda can get there? Am I„Great post from helenps about Awareness“ weiterlesen

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